How is Your Business Found Today?

When prospective customers are searching locally for the products and services you offer, how can they find you? It's not as easy as it once was. A decade ago a simple yellow page ad gave you a chance at being chosen. Usage has dropped dramatically and people now go online to find what they need locally. Make sure you can be found or risk losing that new business.

Are You On The Map?

When prospective customers, clients or patients are searching online for the products and services you offer, Google lists the top seven companies on the front page of the search results and pins those companies to the map. These businesses enjoy a huge competitive advantage over all others in their category. Are you one of the top seven businesses in your category?

Platinum Five-Star Reputation

Do you know what people are saying online about your business? Good or bad, it's imperative for you to monitor, manage and market your online reputation. Don't allow a single bad review to ruin your good reputation and drive away potential customers, clients or patients. We can help you achieve and profit from a Platinum Five-Star Reputation.

Mobile Websites

It is estimated that mobile online traffic will outpace desktop traffic by 2014. Over 50% of local online search traffic is on a mobile device. Most mobile searches result in action within 24 hours, often within hours. If your website is not mobile optimized so it can be easily accessed and viewed on a mobile device, you are definitely losing business. We can help you create a mobile ready site.

Text Message Marketing

With mobile usage increasing every day, it only makes sense to pay attention to strategies that involve increasing your profits using this technology. Always on, always available... your customers, clients, patients and prospects are using their mobile devices more and more. Increase customer loyalty, increase frequency of purchase and increase revenues with text message marketing.

Learn More!

The single most important thing you can do for your business is to make sure you can be found when people are searching online for the products and services you provide. After that, make sure that your online reputation accurately reflects your business standards and your level of service. Don't allow bad online reviews to drive away potential customers, clients or patients. We can help! Call us at 704-200-2239.

Digital Marketing & Local Business Findability Experts

The Platinum Technology Team can help you leverage the power of the Internet and take advantage of the latest technology. We are experts at local business online findability, mobile websites, mobile apps, online reputation marketing, text message marketing and many other digital marketing tools.

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